Research Committee

The Research Committee, on request of the Dean, considers issues associated with research, instructional space and equipment within the College. This committee is advisory to the Dean. The committee is composed of department chairs and one other member from each department chosen by the chair and the Assistant Dean for Financial and Administrative Affairs. The chair of the committee is the Executive Associate Dean.



Maureen Keller-Wood, Chair


Larisa Cavallari – Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research

Hartmut Derendorf – Pharmaceutics

Reggie Frye – Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research

Hendrik Luesch – Medicinal Chemistry

Jay McLaughlin – Pharmacodynamics

Lance McMahon – Pharmacodynamics

Haesuk Park – Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy

Stephan Schmidt – Pharmaceutics

Almut Winterstein – Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy

Chris Xing – Medicinal Chemistry