Student Pharmacist Advocacy and Recovery (SPARC)

The Student Pharmacist Advocacy and Recovery Committee (SPARC) is involved in the advocacy for pharmacy students with substance use disorders (SUD). The committee advocates for recovery from SUD by acting on pharmacy students who consistently exhibit behavior that could be attributable to SUD and, in association with the Florida Professionals Resource Network (PRN), offers compassionate assistance, not punishment, for students with SUD. SPARC is a resource for pharmacy students who have experienced consequences related to SUD, or are concerned that they themselves or a fellow classmate may have SUD. Internally, the committee works in association with the Office of Student Affairs and observes the College of Pharmacy’s policies related to chemical impairment. The committee provides assistance in a manner that protects the rights of the impaired student to receive treatment in confidence and affords each recovering student, who is not legally restricted and no longer chemically impaired as determined by the Florida PRN, the opportunity to continue his/her pharmacy education without stigma or penalty. SPARC provides ongoing support during the student’s recovery to aid in relapse prevention. Additionally, the committee provides educational leadership in the development of curricular and co-curricular content on the issues of SUD and promotion of healthy lifestyles. The committee reports to the Dean and Associate Dean for Student Affairs and meets a minimum of once a semester, or as deemed necessary by the committee Chair.

The committee is composed of at least three faculty members, one practicing pharmacist outside of the college, and at least three students in the Doctor of Pharmacy program. The Chair is appointed by the Dean from the current standing committee members.




  • Jahnii Bello – ORL 2PD
  • Lindsey McCoy – GNV 2PD
  • Christina Nunez – GNV 3PD
  • Michael Tomberline – GNV 3PD