Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee Bylaws

Approved by Curriculum Committee May 20, 2020

The Curriculum Committee reports to the Associate Dean for Professional Education and the faculty. The committee meets as needed, but normally every two to four weeks. The committee manages an orderly and systematic review of curriculum structure, content and outcomes. This review includes assurances for coordination of course material, identification of content omission or unnecessary repetition, identification of outdated or unessential content, and recommendation of a reasonable course load for students.

The committee systematically reviews the curriculum and individual courses at regular intervals to determine the appropriateness of content emphasis and proper sequencing, so as to provide recommendations for the optimal environment for learning. The committee is responsible for obtaining data on learning outcomes and student satisfaction with the curriculum. The committee is responsible for assuring that outcome measures of learning are systematically applied as a means of continuous quality improvement.

The committee has the authority from the faculty to consider the concerns or problems presented by the students after bringing them to the attention of the Associate Dean for Professional Education or the Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs. The committee may act or respond to only those issues or problems that relate directly to curriculum structure, content and outcomes.

The voting members of the committee are composed of a faculty member from each of the departments, a faculty member representing each of the following areas (all campuses, experiential education, personalized medicine, personal and professional development, and professional practice skills lab), a practicing pharmacist and two students selected from each of the professional degree classes. The Chair is appointed by the Dean from the current pool of committee members.

Ex-officio members include the Associate Dean for Professional Education, the Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs, the Assessment and Learning Analytics Specialist, an Instructional Designer, the Academic Specialist for Co-curricular Programs, and the Library Liaison.

The committee is able to conduct business which requires a vote when there are at least six voting committee members present, not including the chair or chair’s designee, and the number of student members is not greater than the number of faculty members.

Representatives on the Committee are:


Priti Patel – Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research –

Vice Chair:

Anthony Casapao – Pharmacotherapy & Translational Research –


Ex Officio: