International Committee

Purpose: Our College offers varied forms of international studies and as such, our committee’s purpose is to develop formal policies and procedures that will assure all international studies provide quality learning experiences and that COP students are safe during these experiences.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Perform as an advisory panel for the international programs
  2. Publicize international efforts more broadly both internally and externally
  3. Evaluate potential partnership institutions
  4. Develop a quality assurance program for our international experiences currently available to Pharm.D. students.
  5. Implementation and quality assurance of the “Certificate in Global Health”.
  6. Review and Submit faculty nominations for the University International Award to the Executive Council.
  7. Act as Ambassadors for international visitors


Carol A Motycka
Department: Pharmacy Education and Practice

Carol A Motycka Pharm.D., BCACP

Assistant Dean For The Jacksonville Campus; Clinical Professor
Phone: (904) 244-9590


John Gums
Department: Pharmacy Education and Practice

John Gums Pharm.D., FCCP

Executive Associate Dean And Professor
Phone: (352) 273-6308
Chenglong Li
Department: Medicinal Chemistry

Chenglong Li Ph.D.

Professor And The Nicholas Bodor Professor In Drug Discovery
Phone: (352) 294-8510
Hendrik Luesch
Department: Medicinal Chemistry

Hendrik Luesch Ph.D.

Professor And Chair, Debbie And Sylvia DeSantis Chair In Natural Products Drug Discovery And Development
Phone: (352) 273-7738

Ex Officio:

Teresa Cavanaugh
Department: Pharmacy Education and Practice

Teresa Cavanaugh Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS, FASHP

Associate Dean For Student Affairs; Clinical Associate Professor
Phone: (352) 294-8943
Randell E Doty
Department: Pharmacy Education and Practice

Randell E Doty Pharm.D.

Clinical Associate Professor
Phone: (352) 294-4984




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