Personal Self-Development Plan

Each individual should set goals and a plan for attaining their personal objectives. All Assistant Professors are expected to complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) each annual evaluation period. Associate and Full Professors are expected to set goals for the coming year at that time as well.

Individual Development Plans (IDPs) assist with identifying, and planning for professional development needs, and career objectives. IDPs can be utilized as a means of facilitating communication between faculty, chairs, and mentors.


An IDP is one of the components of the Faculty Mentoring Program that can help Faculty distinguish:

  1. Long-term career options they are inclined to pursue, and the resources needed to meet those goals.
  2. Short-term needs for increasing and improving current performance.

IDP Process

The IDP process requires the Faculty member/Mentee to work in collaboration with the Chair/Mentor to develop, implement, and revise the IDP. The process is an interactive effort, and the best results are achieved when both the Faculty Member/Mentee and Chair/Mentor participate fully.

The IDP Process is as follows:

  1. Faculty member will conduct a Skills Assessment: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Skills. After conducting the assessment the Faculty member/Mentee will ask the Mentor/Colleague to review the skills assessment together.
  2. Faculty member will complete the IDP: Clearly state your career goals, and write your Annual IDP.
  3. Implementation of your IDP: Schedule a meeting with your Chair/ Mentor to discuss the IDP, and implementation of the IDP. Implement the steps in the IDP, and periodically review IDP progress with your Chair/ Mentor.