Resources required for conducting research at UF

  • UF IRB: Contains information on submitting research to UF IRB office
  • UF IACUC: Provides instruction on how to work with the institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) to generate a protocol that approves the use of laboratory animals for research.
  • AALAS Animal Care and Use in Research Education:┬áProvides coursework and training required to conduct research using laboratory animals.
  • UF Office of Clinical Research: Contains information on submitting human subjects proposals to OCR for review and approval. OCR provides services and support to UF faculty and staff for research administration related business.

Research Knowledge and Skills

UF Resources

  • UF Office provost: Contains information on sabbaticals, tenure and promotion, research support
  • UF Office of research: Contains lots of information, including funding opportunities, proposal development, training required, etc.
  • The Division of Sponsored Program: Facilitates institutional approval for all extramural proposal submissions, accepts and administers grant awards, and negotiates contracts and other research-related agreements on behalf of the University of Florida
  • UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute: Contains information on research opportunities, study development, participant recruitment, laboratory services and research support.
  • The KL2 Training grant through the CTSI: Provides information about training and funding opportunities for junior faculty interested in developing a career in clinical/translational research.

External Resources