Mid-Cycle Review

All faculty members will have an annual review of their performance in each of their mission assignments. The assessment should include a determination of progress toward promotion (and/or tenure as appropriate), and readiness for promotion.

Faculty on the tenure and non-tenure track at the rank of Assistant Professor will have to undergo a review of progress toward tenure and promotion (mid cycle review) in spring of their third year of employment. The faculty member will download and complete the promotion and tenure packet, which is used as a self-assessment tool at the mid-cycle point UF online promotion packet. The faculty member will submit the completed self-assessment packet in paper format (it will not actually be submitted online) to the Department Chair. The deadline for submission to the Department Chair should be discussed, and agreed upon at the time the candidate decides to proceed with the mid-cycle review.This will allow the faculty member to establish a timeline to get the packet completed.

The eligible faculty within the Department along with the Department Chair will assess the faculty self- assessment packet, and provide a letter with feedback to the faculty member. The COP P&T Committee will also review the mid-cycle packet, and provide a letter with feedback to the faculty member. The maximum probationary tenure period for the COP is seven years.