Peer Teaching Evaluation

Two types of peer evaluations are conducted: Formative and Summative. It is recommended that you work with your department chair to select individuals who could serve as your peer reviewer, and that you meet with your reviewers before their evaluation commences. This meeting can be used to explain the course structure, discuss how to access course material and to observe you in the class room, and to point out unique features of your teaching that your peer reviewers should be aware of.

Summative Evaluation

Summative evaluation is a retrospective process that examines a faculty member’s teaching over time, and it summarizes the competence as a teacher. Summative peer evaluation is done by faculty for administration. It’s purpose is to provide a basis for determining the appropriate rewards for faculty.

Formative Evaluation

Formative evaluation is a prospective process that examines a faculty member’s current teaching competence and develops a plan for improvement in the future. It is done by faculty for faculty. The purpose of formative peer evaluation is to improve the quality of teaching; not to determine the rewards that are appropriate for faculty.

Additional information on the Peer Evaluation process.