Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) serves as the medium in which the graduate programs are reviewed and aligned with the mission and goals of the College and University through the following objectives:

  • The GSC will assess and make recommendations on new and existing graduate programs in the College of Pharmacy.
  • The GSC will determine how the College can attract/fund more graduate students, including exploring means to place matriculating Pharmacy students into college graduate programs.
  • The GSC will coordinate and implement new processes and procedures as they relate to graduate education issues in the college.
  • The GSC will oversee the Teaching Assistant needs of the College.

The Graduate Studies Committee is composed of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Graduate Coordinators from each of the departments within the College of Pharmacy, and the President of the Graduate Student Council. The  Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education serves as the Chair and is a non-voting member of the committee.  The GSC reports to the Dean and meets a minimum of four times per year.

Current Representatives on the Committee are:

Non-voting Chair

Maureen Keller-Wood – Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education –


Ex Officio

Ian Tebbett – Medicinal Chemistry –

Graduate Student

Mohammed Gbadamosi – Pharmacotherapy and Translational Research –


Kimberly Mahoney – Graduate Programs –

Katie McFarland – Graduate Programs – 

Doctoral Program Improvement Plans