LGBTQ+ & Allies

A Sub-Committee of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The LGBTQ+ & Allies sub-committee will create and sustain a forum for college-level dialogue on issues directly related to the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and non-binary members of the community and their allies at the College of Pharmacy, specifically to:

  1. Build on institutional strengths of the University of Florida committed to an affirming and inclusive community as articulated in Goal 1 of the UF Strategic Plan: An exceptional academic environment that reflects the breadth of thought essential for preeminence, achieved by a community of students, faculty, and staff who have diverse experiences and backgrounds.
    • Objective 1. UF students, faculty and staff with increasingly diverse demographic and geographic characteristics.
    • Objective 2. A university climate that is inclusive, supportive and respectful to all.
    • Objective 3. Diverse, robust educational and interdisciplinary areas of excellence.
    • Objective 4. Increased globalization to enhance our effectiveness as world citizens.
  2. Generate and pursue ideas in greater depth, including opportunities to increase representation of diverse populations throughout the college community, maintain a welcoming and affirming campus environment, strengthen prospects for inclusive scholarship and learning, and engage the greater Florida community through outreach.
  3. Offer recommendations to the Faculty Governance Committee and the Dean of the College of Pharmacy that provide a pathway to inclusive excellence throughout the college community.

Committee Members

  • Chair: Oliver Grundmann – grundman@UFL.EDU 
  • Rich Segal, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs
  • Lais Da Silva, Graduate Student Member – Gainesville
  • Laura Davis, 3PD Student Member – Jacksonville
  • Justin De Leo, Staff Member – Remote
  • Alex Duarte, 1PD Student Member – Gainesville
  • Yesenia Felix-Irizarry, 1PD Student Member – Orlando
  • Tyler Holets, 2PD Student – Orlando
  • Tamara King, Graduate Student Member – Gainesville
  • Sarah  Mazorra, Staff Member – Gainesville
  • Eric Money, Staff Member – Gainesville
  • Joshua Pullo, Faculty Member – Orlando
  • Lauren Quiroga, 2PD Student Member – Gainesville
  • Rafael Sanchez, 3PD Student Member – Gainesville
  • Corinne Singer, 2PD Student Member – Jacksonville

Ex Officio

  • Teresa Cavanaugh, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs