Now in its 13th successful year, the Academic Leadership Fellows Program supports and contributes to the development of leaders in academic pharmacy and higher education. The program provides an opportunity for Fellows to expand relationships with peers and colleagues in other institutions, as well as within the college and university. ALFP has recently been enhanced based upon the prior 10 years of experience and on advice of an advisory committee.

The four-session, year-long program includes:

  • in-depth talent and leadership development;
  • team building;
  • exploration of legislative and public policy issues critical to pharmaceutical and higher education;
  • assessing personal and interpersonal competencies for leadership;
  • practical management responsibilities and administrative competencies of an academic pharmacy administrator; and
  • leadership in the external area of advocacy of the profession.

Session I: Leadership and Self: Discovery and Teamwork

Session I sets the tone for the year-long Fellows program. The objective of this session is for Fellows to look within and focus on the self-discovery of leadership strengths and weaknesses; becoming aware of the strengths and weaknesses of others; and maximizing personal strengths to develop effective teams. Fellows practice effective team building with the development of an inter-team debate, which is presented to attendees at Interim Meeting.

Session II: Leadership Potpourri: Constructing Skills, Historical Perspectives and Higher Education

The second session of the Fellows program involves further discovery of self and leadership skills building. The importance of the concept of Emotional Intelligence in leadership is introduced. Included is a visit to Mt. Vernon and the George Washing Presidential Library for presentations on leadership from a historical perspective, presentations from national and international leaders in higher education.

Session III: Selling in Leadership and Current Topics in Leadership and Higher Education

Session III includes presentations on communications methods within the college, the university, the media and the community; understanding the roles and responsibilities of university administration; applying leadership styles through case studies; and balancing commitments between work life and home life. Held in conjunction with Interim Meeting, Fellows present their debates to attendees and participate in the event.

Session IV: Refining Self and Current Topics in Leadership

The final session of the year-long program provides the opportunity for the Fellows to exercise their learned experiences. Session IV is held in conjunction with the first day of the AACP Annual Meeting and features an inspirational presentation from a nationally known expert on body language, verbal and non-verbal communications. The day ends with a graduation ceremony and dinner in honor of the Leadership Fellows. Fellows then participate in the AACP Annual Meeting.