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Richard Segal, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

College of Pharmacy News

Welcome 22 new faculty: July 2016–Jan. 2018

February 19, 2018

To achieve greatness, we need world-class faculty. That’s why we have aggressively recruited some of the nation’s most-respected researchers, clinicians and educators to join our college.

UF Pharmacy’s Annual Research Showcase enters its fourth decade

UF Pharmacy’s Annual Research Showcase enters its fourth decade

February 15, 2018

Pharm.D. students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows had the opportunity to share research findings and compete for awards in either oral or poster competitions.

UF College of Pharmacy moves into top 10 of national rankings

Monthly Memo

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Message from the Dean

On Oct. 13, the University of Florida officially launched the public phase of its $3 billion comprehensive campaign to elevate the stature of our university and ensure that our mission to serve society expands beyond its current reach. The theme of the campaign is Go Greater. As I share this month’s Memo, I am continually reminded of the many ways our faculty, staff, students and alumni Go Greater to represent the UF College of Pharmacy on the national stage. Our faculty enjoyed a productive month, from national awards (Curtis, Manasco, Schmidt and Grundmann) to federally funded research grants (Cooper-DeHoff, McCurdy and McLaughlin). Also, if you have five minutes, I would encourage you to watch the CNN story featuring Chris McCurdy and his kratom research that offers potential for treating opioid withdrawal. The opioid epidemic has all of our attention, including clinicians and researchers in the UF College of Pharmacy who are committed to addressing the problem from multiple angles.

Our Pharm.D. students achieved an incredible feat when four of them were chosen to represent the UF College of Pharmacy as United Nations Foundation Global Health Fellows. Only 100 fellows representing colleges and universities across the country were chosen for the inaugural class. These students represent various majors, including pharmacy, public health, economics, law and more, and we’re proud to say four of the 100 fellows hail from the UF College of Pharmacy. We also celebrate our graduate students and a postdoc whose pharmacogenomics research helped UF claim three of the four trainee awards at the 2017 Pharmacogenomics Research Network-American Society of Human Genetics Poster Session and Reception. Also, check out this month’s Memo for additional student awards.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who donated to the Crisafi Challenge and helped us raise an amazing $100,000 for student scholarships. We exceeded our goal this year, and that would not have been possible without many of you. Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to Go Greater for our students.

Julie Johnson, Pharm.D.
Dean & Distinguished Professor


What if Teaching Evaluations Happened Later?

February 22, 2018

If the true measure of an education is difficult to gauge right away, then maybe it makes sense to wait to ask students what they got from a course.

After a Mass Shooting, Education Programs Confront a Question: ‘Am I Obligated to Take a Bullet for My Students?’

February 21, 2018

Colleges’ education programs typically do not require training in how to respond to an active shooter. But some are rethinking their curricula.

The Faculty-Retirement Conundrum

February 21, 2018

Professors may want to retire, but they also have jobs they don’t want to give up. Here’s how administrators can smooth faculty members’ paths into retirement.